2 anti-theft bolts + special tool for UK

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AlterLock Review (campaign reviewer)

The AlterLock is so simply to use and connect to your bike and give you great peace of mind. I now feel alot better about leaving my bike locked up outside knowing that AlterLock will alert me and then allow me to search for my bikes location if it was ever to be stolen.

Great Product for a suburban area (campaign reviewer)

Depending on their location and bike usage, I live near the outskirts of London. It suits my needs quite well. The tracking only updates when the bike has stopped, so I would not recommend the product for areas like the city of London or some high-crime surrounding regions. If the thieves in your area are not as bold or cunning, this is a great product. My advice for the city of London riders would be to get a rented bike rather than using your own; if a thief wants your bike, they will take it, and most are wise to trackers on the market anyway. I once had a motorbike stolen with a minimoto tracker under the seat; the thief took it round the corner, removed the bike seat, and discarded the tracker. But london is a hard area to keep anything safe, if you live in an area like horsham, this tracker should be perfect for you.

Alterlock sent me the alternative lock for testing. (campaign reviewer)

The installation of the app under Android from the app store was done quickly, and with a normal mount for the bottle cage, the installation under the bottle cage would also have been done quickly and easily.
For my special bottle cage mount, the included M5x16mm screws were a little too short.
About setting up the lock in the app:
Since the app unfortunately does not allow pre-taken pictures of the bike, and also the setup can only be completed with a picture, it is best to do the initial setup during the day and near the bike.
The recommended firmware update didn't work for me, but the lock still works perfectly.
The battery life is certainly not too short, in the course of the test of 2 weeks the battery level in the app dropped by one of three bars.
I can't judge whether or not the lock will send a thief running when the alarm is triggered, and how long it will take for the thief to remove the Alterlock. But for parking at the bakery or on a bike marathon it is a good investment in any case, light and inconspicuous, and sensational when the alarm goes off.