Privacy Policy

NEXTSCAPE Inc. (hereinafter called “Company”) establishes the following policy (hereinafter called the “Privacy Policy”) on handling of personal information of its users (hereinafter called “User”) in various services provided by Company (hereinafter collectively called the “Services”) to User and makes its best efforts to protect personal information of User. Personal information of User living in the European Economic Area (hereinafter called “EEA”) is protected in accordance with the provisions of the “General Data Protection Regulation” (hereinafter called the “GDPR”) of European Union (hereinafter called “EU”).

Article 1. Outline of Cookies

Company acquires personal information provided by User to the extent necessary for Company to provide the Services to such User. Company appropriately acquires the personal information and does not acquires it by any fraudulent means or other unlawful methods. The personal information collected by Company from User who uses the Services are as follows:

  1. Information provided by User for creation of his/her account
    Company collects personal information of User when User creates or updates his/her account. Such information includes his/her username, e-mail address, gender, date of birth and password.
  2. Information registered by User to use the Services such as his/her bicycle information
    Company collects necessary information when User registers or updates information on his/her bicycle. Such information includes a brand name, model name, part name such as component, characteristics, photos, vehicle identification number and theft prevention registration number of such bicycle.
  3. Information collected by the use of the AlterLock Device
    Company collects information sent by the AlterLock Device registered by User in the Services. Such information includes an identifier, setting information, remaining battery level, radio field intensity, location information by GPS (Global Positioning System) of such Device or a MAC address of any Wi-Fi router close to the Device to be supplementarily used to identify the location information of such Device, and the date and time of transmission of such data. If User disables the settings of such Device, Company does not collect any location information.
  4. Information registered by User by the use of the maintenance management function of bicycle
    Company collects necessary information when User registers or updates maintenance history on his/her bicycle by using the maintenance management function. Such information includes the date and details of maintenance, types of parts, photos and reminder information. If User uses the reminder function, Company may collect information on mileage (travel distance) of his/her bicycle from other services which such User expressly agrees to relating to such collection.
  5. Information collected during the use of the Services
    Company collects information on usage situation of the Services when User uses the Services. Such information includes the date of use, functions and operation of the application, type of browser, or third-party websites or services which User has used before using the Services. Furthermore, Company collects technical information by collecting information from any smart phone, browser, computer or networking equipment used by User. Such technical information includes terminal identification information, information on smart phone model, IP address and Cookies. The details of Company’s how to use the Coolies are stated in the “Policy on Cookies”.

Article 2. Purposes of Processing In Use of Personal Information

  1. Purposes of use of information provided by User for creation of his/her account(Information of Article 1.1 and Article 1.5)
    1. Provision, maintenance, protection or improvement of the Services including acceptance of registration from User for the Services or identification of User;
    2. Confirmation of usage situation of the Services by User (including in the case where User uses services provided by any service provider other than Company through the Services);
    3. Announcement of information on the details of the Services, updated information, event or campaign information or information on any alteration of the terms of service, etc.;
    4. Billing of the fees for the Services to User;
    5. Notification to User or response to inquiries from User in relation to the Services;
    6. Extraction of respondents to questionnaires on the Services;
    7. Response to any breach of the terms of service or other regulations or rules of Company;
    8. Improvement or expansion of the Services;
    9. Creation of statistical data on the use of the Services:
    10. Planning, formulation or implementation of new Services;
    11. Distribution or display of advertisements of Company or third parties; or
    12. Utilization for marketing activities.
  2. Purposes of use of information collected by the registration of bicycle information and by the use of the AlterLock Device(Information of Article 1.2, Article 1.3, and Article 1.5)
    1. Support to User to find his/her stolen or thieved bicycle;
    2. Display of the bicycle information registered by User in the Application;
    3. Display of messages in the Application if the Device detects any abnormality;
    4. Display of the history of location information sent by the Device or the address information close to the location information if the Device detects any abnormality;
    5. Utilization of anonymized and statistically processed information for antitheft measures or enlightenment activities by opening it to the public; or
    6. Utilization of anonymized and statistically processed information for marketing activities of the Services.
  3. Purposes of use of information collected by the use of the maintenance management function (Information of Article 1.4 and Article 1.5)
    1. Display of the maintenance information registered by User in the Application;
    2. Notification to User in the Application on the base of the reminder information registered by User; or
    3. Utilization of anonymized and statistically processed information for marketing activities of the Services.
  4. Company may determine any specific purposes of use for any individual service in addition to the purposes of use set forth in the preceding paragraphs. Company announces in advance such purposes of use for each individual service on the website for such individual service or on the screen for such service after specifying such purposes as much as possible.

Article 3. Provision or Deposit of Acquired Personal Information to or Joint Use of Acquired Personal Information with Third Parties

  1. Company uses third parties (representative service providers or contractors, etc.) to provide the Services to User on behalf of Company or to give support to Company’s provisions of the Services. In the course of performance of their services, such third parties may gain access to any personal information of User. In such case, Company authorizes such third parties to use or disclose such personal information of User only if such use or disclosure is limited to such services. In addition, Company sufficiently examines the eligibility or qualification of such third parties as service contractors and confirms the matters on confidentiality in executing service contracts with them and builds the system for appropriate management of such information. The purposes of Company’s use of such third-party contractors include the following purposes:
    1. Service providers
      Company only uses or disclose your personal information in connection with its business activities for the purposes of marketing, public relations, including the distribution of advertising, providing and maintaining infrastructure and IT services, processing credit card transactions or other forms of payment, providing customer service, and processing and administering customer surveys and questionnaires.
    2. Legal Compliance
      Company may provide your information to third parties at the request of public and judicial authorities or government agencies within or outside of your country of residence as permitted by law or as reasonably necessary to comply with the law, including in response to a law, legal process, court order, lawsuit, warrant, or other legal or regulatory process. Company also disclose your personal information if we believe that disclosure is reasonably necessary to protect our rights, to investigate or prevent violations of our Terms of Use, or fraud or abuse, or to protect our business or users.
  2. Company does not provide any personal information acquired from User to third parties except in any of the following cases.
    1. If User agrees to such provision
    2. If User breaches any provision of the terms of service of Company and Company has any adequate grounds to determine that Company is forced to disclose the personal information of such User to protect the rights, properties, assets or services, etc. of Company;
    3. If such provision is based on the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” of Japan or any other applicable laws and regulations;
    4. If such provision is needed to protect the life, body or property of any person and Company has difficulty in obtaining consent of such User to such provision;
    5. If Company is required to cooperate with any governmental agencies, local public agencies or their contractors for their performance of duties stipulated by laws and regulations and obtaining consent of User to such provision may interfere with such performance; or
    6. If Company transfers or hands over its business including provision of personal information of User to any third party due to merger, company split, transfer of business or other event.
  3. If Company requires any business partners who perform any services jointly with Company in providing the Services to User, Company may use the personal information of such User jointly with such business partners. In such case, Company uses such personal information jointly with such business partners after announcing to or notifying such User of in advance the purposes of use, name of such business partners, type of such information and name of its administrator.

Article 4. Disclosure, Correction or Suspension of Use of Personal Information

  1. If Company reasonably considers that any disclosure of personal information of User is needed on the grounds that such disclosure is permitted by applicable laws and regulations or in order for Company to comply with applicable laws and regulations including compliance with court order, warrant, subpoena, other applicable laws, regulations, or legal or regulatory procedures, Company discloses such personal information without delay after confirming that such User requests such disclosure. For disclosure of personal information, Company may charge such User a fee for disclosure in accordance with the procedures separately designated by Company.
  2. If User requests Company to correct the details of his/her personal information for the purpose of any regulation, tax, insurance, lawsuit or other legal requirements on the grounds that such personal information is not true or accurate, or if User requests Company to suspend the use of his/her personal information on the grounds that such information is handled beyond the scope of the purposes of its use announced to such User in advance or that such information is collected by any fraudulent means or other unlawful methods, Company makes necessary investigations of such request after confirming that such request is made by such User and corrects or suspends the use of such personal information on the basis of the results of such investigations and notifies such User of such correction or suspension.
  3. f User requests Company to delete his/her personal information and only if the requirements of Article 17(1) and (3) of the GDPR are met, Company deletes such information after confirming that such request is made by such User and notifies such User of such deletion.
  4. For a request set forth in each of the preceding itemsUser is required to send to Company the following information as well as other information and/or materials designated by Company.
    1. Name, address, phone number and e-mail address of such User
    2. Details of such request, its background and reasons; and
    3. Identification document of such User.

Article 5. Retention or Deletion of Personal Information

  1. Company retains personal information and bicycle information of User, information sent by the AlterLock Device and maintenance information as long as such User holds his/her account for the Services.
  2. User may delete his/her account information or download his/her personal information. ・For any download of such personal information, User may do it from here. ・For any request for deletion of such account, User may gain access to here.
  3. The personal information of User including its backup information is deleted permanently and irreversibly from Company’s system after such User requests Company to delete his/her account. If the account is deleted, any and all information on such account becomes unrecoverable. After such account is deleted, it takes up to thirty (30) days to delete the personal information and system log from Company’s system.
  4. Company may not delete an account of User in specific circumstances. For example, if Company has any pending or unsolved request or any objection, Company may not delete such account. Company deletes such account immediately after such request or objection preventing such deletion is solved or disappears.
  5. Company may retain any information of the account whose deletion is requested by User for any safety or security reasons or for fraud prevention. For instance, If Company disables an account of User for security reasons, Company retains specific information on such account and prevents such User from opening a new account thereafter.

Article 6. Rights of User and Legal grounds for use of personal information

  1. Rights of User
    Only if User visits Company’s website or uses the Services from or in European Union (hereinafter called “EU“) or only if stipulated by applicable laws, such User has the following rights to his/her personal information collected and processed by Company.
    1. Acquisition of or access to personal information
      User may gain access to almost all of his/her personal information by logging in to his/her account. In addition, User may obtain necessary information from Company.
    2. Correction or deletion of personal information
      User may correct or completely delete his/her personal information by correcting or deleting his/her profile information, bicycle information or maintenance information or by deleting his/her account.
    3. Restrictions on processing of personal information
      User may request Company to suspend any processing of his/her personal information (for example, if Company’s user support department/section desires to clarify the accuracy of such information or the reasons for such processing).
    4. Filing of objections
      If the requirements set forth in the “General Data Protection Regulation“ (hereinafter called the “GDPR“) are satisfied, User may file an objection against processing of his/her personal information. In such case, Company stops such processing unless Company has any justifiable reasons for continuing such processing or is required by applicable laws or regulations to conduct such processing.
    5. Refusal or withdrawal of consent
      User may refuse to consent to any processing of his/her personal information or withdraw such consent at any time even if such User already expressed such consent in the past.
    6. Filing of complaints
      In particular, User has the right to file a complaint against any supervisory authorities in his/her place of residence, place of employment or any place where a problem causing such complaint occurs in any member country of EU.With respect to the above rights of User, various terms and conditions under applicable laws and regulations may apply to such rights.Any User who desires to excise any of the above rights may gain access to the following contact.
  2. Legal grounds for use of personal information Under the GDPR, any organization is required to have legal grounds to collect, use, share or process information on its users. In the case of the personal information defined in the GDPR, Company uses the personal information of User on the following legal grounds for its legitimate business purposes.
    1. The purposes of the Services are to give support to User for theft deterrence or prevention of his/her bicycle or for his/her response to its loss by detecting any movement of such bicycle equipped with the AlterLock Device, sounding its alarm, collecting its location information, giving notice to the Application or displaying its location information. If Company does not process User’s information including the location information, Company may not provide necessary services to such User and may not perform its terms of service.
    2. If Company processes personal information of User, Company requests such User to consent to such processing. If such User agrees to such processing, Company processes the personal information provided by such User on the basis of the details of such consent. User may, at any time, withdraw such consent and has the right to transfer such information.
    3. If Company pursues its legitimate interests including improvement or development of its services, marketing, or promotion of safety or security measures.
    4. It must be shared with the respective enforcement agencies in order to fulfill the legal obligations in each country and region.

Article 7. Cross-border Data Transfer

Company may transfer the personal data of the data subject from an office in an EU country or territory (e.g., a branch office, representative office or local subsidiary) to a sales office in Japan or to one of the Group's overseas offices. The personal data of the transferred data subjects includes personal data of customers and employees of the business units in the EU.

  1. The transfer of personal data to Japan is based on the sufficiency certification for cross-border data transfer obtained by Japan or on standard contractual terms already entered into by us.
  2. Transfers of Personal Data to third countries other than Japan and the EU (excluding countries/regions that have obtained sufficiency certification) will be carried out by way of concluding Standard Contractual Clauses.
  3. For information on the content of Japan's sufficiency certification, please see the European Commission's website (

Article 8. Child's Consent

The Service includes online services. If the user is under 16 years of age (depending on the laws of the GDPR member countries), the processing of personal data will only be carried out if consent/authorization has been given by the child's parent or guardian. Confirmation of consent/authorization by the person with parental responsibility will be made by submitting an email address.

Article 9. Links

Any business operators or service providers other than Company may acquire personal information on their websites. In such case, this Privacy Policy of Company does not apply to such acquisition and Company does not assume any obligation or responsibility for handling or processing of such personal information by such business operators or service providers.

Article 10. Contract for Inquiries

Any User who has any opinions or questions on this Privacy Policy, any inquiries about Company’s handling of personal information or any requests or claims under the Article 6 may send an e-mail to Company’s contact e-mail address (

Article 11. Revision

If Company revises this Privacy Policy, Company promptly announces the date and details of such revision on its website. However, we will not use the personal data of the data subject in any new way without your consent.

Policy on Cookies

NEXTSCAPE Inc. (hereinafter called “Company”) establishes the following policy (hereinafter called the “Cookies Policy”) on handling of cookies (hereinafter called the “Cookies”) of its users (hereinafter called “User”) in various services provided by Company (hereinafter collectively called the “Services”) to User and makes its best efforts to protect the Cookies of User

Company, its affiliated companies and third parties use the Cookies for many purposes on its website or in its applications or advertisements when User uses the Services. Such purposes include user authentication, analysis of usage situation of User, display of advertisements and measurement of their effectiveness or analysis of the number and trend of accesses to the website.

Article 1. Outline of Cookies

Cookies are data files stored or saved in any User’s browser or device by any website, application, online media or advertisement. The Cookies provided by any organization operating a domain which User gains access to are called the “First-Party Cookies”, and the Cookies placed by other companies are called the “Third-Party Cookies”. On the Company’s website, any third party may set the Third-Party Cookies. The Third-Party Cookies help Company to evaluate and understand how its products are used or how such products can be optimized. In addition, Company may use both the “Session Cookies” and the “Persistent Cookies”. The Session Cookies are enabled only when a browser is open and are not saved in such browser after termination of such session. The Persistent Cookies continue to exist until they are deleted even after the browser is closed.

Article 2. Purposes of Use of Cookies

Company uses the Cookies for any of the following purposes.

  1. Provision of more personalized or customized services to User by memorizing the user settings such as language used by such User;
  2. Prevention of any wrongful use of login information of User or unauthorized access to member information of User by authenticating such User;
  3. Optimization and improvement of the details of the Services by grasping the usage situation of the Services by User;
  4. This purpose also helps Company to grasp how well the Company’s website or applications are working at various places and to identify any problems of operation or provision of the Services.
  5. Evaluation and understanding of the optimization of the Services by audience measurement or analysis services;
  6. For this purpose, Company may receive other analysis information from third parties.
  7. Display of advertisements to User who has viewed the Company’s website and is highly related to such advertisement, and measurement of performance of such advertisements.

Article 3. Management of Use of Cookies or Refusal of Cookies

User may manage or limit the use of the Cookies including advertisements by Company or by its business partners. In general, any user may select whether or not to accept the Cookies on a lot of browsers or devices. Any User who desires to make a change to his/her user settings may make such change in accordance with the instructions or directions on the help menu normally placed on his/her browser in use. However, if User disables the Cookies, a part of the functions of the Services may not work in a normal way, as the case may be.